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Nothing Enhances Your Immune System More

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MAL-X contains a 98 compound extract of Melaleuca Alternifolia
(tea tree) oil along with an extract from Artemisia Annua (wormwood). Melaleuca Alternifolia oil has long been known for its Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal & Anti-Viral properties. Likewise, Artemisia Annua leaf extract has a long history of use because of  its well-known Anti-Parasitic and Anti-Malaria properties. A unique distillation technique has been developed for making MAL-X which avoids the 46 toxic compounds of Tea Tree oil , making it totally safe for internal use.

Learn About This Amazing Aid to Your Immune System!

Bolsters your immune system in its all-important job of destroying bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites!

Throughout earth’s history, the greatest destroyers of mankind’s wellness have been the smallest living things — viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites. Even with modern, thrilling medical advancements, our best antibiotics and anti-fungals are ineffective against many microorganisms.

Especially, the modern phenomenon of MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) bacteria and many fungi and viruses are a virtually unsolvable and complex source of human suffering. Paradise Nutrients, through Healthy-Living, offers MAL-X as a new supportive tool that assists your body in the effort to put a stop to microbe caused human suffering through its following nutritive capabilities:

  1. The ability to significantly boost the number of CD4 (helper cells) and CD8 (killer cells) of your immune system.
  2. Broad-spectrum immune system assistance against earth's worst killer microorganisms (viruses, fungi and bacteria).
  3. An ORAC rating (free radical quenching) of 1,850 TE umole/gram (which is 36 times higher than astaxanthin).

The ability of MAL-X to assist the body in maintaining an internal environment that is free of pathogenic microorganisms has been demonstrated through numerous scientific studies.

Importantly, you can be assured that the MAL-X ingredients have undergone rigorous clinical trials and approvals, including approval by the TGA (Australian authorizing arm of the government). Although the mechanism of action of MAL-X is not yet completely understood, its safety has been irrefutably shown and “in-vivo” (see the science page) tests show that it helps to make your immune system more powerful. The human body coupled with MAL-X can become an amazing anti-microbial killing team.

A warning, however — with MAL-X in one's life, one can hope to experience some exciting health improvements, but one needs to understand and be ready (depending on one's unique situation) to experience a huge die-off (toxic buildup) reaction as the microorganisms in one's body die and their dead bodies become toxins that have to be eliminated from the body. If one is not expecting this sudden toxic load, it can be quite disconcerting.

We firmly believe that nothing can help you more than MAL-X to be free of illness. We urge you to order today!

Why with Modern Medical Science, Do We Need an Immune System Boosting Product Like MAL-X?

Microorganisms (especially so in past eras) often kill people. But, the larger damage caused to humans by microorganisms is chronic infection that weakens or discomforts the body, either temporarily or permanently, such as Flu, Influenza, Candida, Lyme's, etc. If the body is freed from chronic or acute infections of microorganisms, then the body can function at a higher state of well being in the following two ways:

  1. Ongoing damage to tissues by these microorganisms and their toxic microorganism secretions and wastes is stopped.
  2. The constant need of the body to expend energy to fight against the toxic wastes excreted from these inhabiting microorganisms is ended.

We urge you to supplement your body with MAL-X and to experience for yourself a higher level of energy and discover for yourself which health challenges can, for you, become a thing of the past.

MAL-X Testing

To establish the fact that the 98 distilled compounds of Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil had antiviral activity the following encapsulated strains have been studied (see more at our Science page)

  1. Corona Virus (SARS group)
  2. Herpes Simplex 1 and 2
  3. Avian A type H1N1
  4. Avian A type H1N1 (Spanish flu that killed 50 million people)
  5. Avian A type H5N1 (Bird flu Vietnam Strain)
  6. Dengue Fever Virus (all 4 strains)

In all test cases the main ingredient in MAL-X killed these strains “in vitro” and for Dengue patients “in vivo”. Sun Yat-sen University in Southern China is working on further “in vitro” and “in vivo” studies against H1N1 and H2N3 Avian strains. Independent testing laboratories around the world have found MAL-X to have:

  • No side effects
  • Immune system boosting properties
  • Anti-viral properties
  • Anti-bacterial properties
  • Anti-fungal properties
  • Anti-mold properties
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Proven effectiveness against multi-drug resistants microbials such as MRSA and Multi-Drug resistant Tuberculosis in individual patients

Melaleuca Oil Reborn,
Plus Artemisia Annua

The product called MAL-X contains 98 compounds extracted from the 144 compounds present in the oil of the Melaleuca Alternifolia (tea tree) shrub plus Artemisia Annua Leaf extract.

Tea tree oil has long been known to aborigines for its ability to prevent infection. Western scientists learned about it only a century ago, but, because of toxic elements in the oil that limited its oral use, Melaleuca Oil never received medical support. Recently, distillation techniques have been discovered for removing those toxic elements, By using these techniques, MAL-X does not contain any of the toxic compounds of Melaleuca Oil that previously limited its oral use.

In today's world where super bugs (such as MRSA and Avian Flu) are constantly evolving, your next trip to the hospital or to Asia might result in you getting an infection that ends your life. Everywhere , pathogenic microorganisms are part of this world... even a hike into the woods could result in you picking up a Lyme's spirochete or West Nile virus that could alter your life forever.

With MAL-X in your medicine cabinet and your emergency supply, you will not have to worry nearly so much about the microbes in this world. MAL-X is destined to be the most important addition to your repertoire for staying well and sickness-free that you ever learned about. In fact, with it in your life, your last sickness episode may very well have been your last.

MAL-X enables you to live in this world without fear of microorganisms. Please learn more.

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